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Guys, thank you for everything you do!
I have been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder for several years already. Thanks to AURELAUS, I realized that it is all about ammonia, which causes symptoms of anxiety and brain fog. When symptoms appear, I solve the problem by taking supplements to reduce ammonia levels. There's no more this terrible constant anxiety. Now I don't have to take benzodiazepines. It's an absolute miracle! Good luck with everything!!!
Anna Johnson
a patient with anxiety
I am also a parent of a child with autism
His urine organic acid analysis showed a very high level of lactic acid. I started digging deeper and found your methods of interpreting urine organic acids. This changed the rules of the game! Now, at least, I know how to help my son quickly when he is in lactic acidosis, and my Alex feels better!
Nikki Halley
My daughter was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3, and it was a real drama for our family...
I learnt a lot about her condition and decided to try controlling her situation using metabolic tests. And thanks to you, guys, and your amazing platform Aurelaus now I understand Sophie's reactions better. I am sure you will be able to answer lots of questions from parents of autistic children. Good luck to you!
Amanda Lewis
For the first time I faced my back pain problem at the age of 33
My lower back was so sore. I visited several doctors, and they prescribed only non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Eventually, it caused depression. Luckily, my wife found your company and insisted on checking my metabolic parameters when I lost all hope! It helped me find the causes of my condition, and now I know how to move on!
Andrew Rae
a patient with back pain
Me and my husband freaked out when our long-awaited only son was diagnosed with autism.
Our pediatrician got him tested for organic acids, and we found out a pretty high level of quinoline acid which is a neurotoxin. Our doctor told us about aurelaus and we learned a lot about what is happening in our child's body and what steps to take! Thank you guys a lot!
Sara Harris
a patient with anxiety
I am a pediatric neurologist, and this website helps me a lot in considering alternative metabolic connections.
I’m very happy that my professor once recommended Aurelaus to me! Excellent job on this project! I look forward to expanding my understanding in immunology and neurology!
Willam Allen
pediatric neurologist
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