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Dear friends
and colleagues
As a child, I had severe OCD and some other neuroimmunological problems. And seeing how my mother was looking for answers about my condition,
I promised myself to create something that would 
help doctors and parents deal with children like me
Lizaveta Radzevich
I received a bachelor's degree in medical diagnostic
after six years of in-depth study and practice, I received a master's degree in biochemistry from the Belarusian State University
my family and I moved to Warsaw, where I began working with fellow neurologists on complex cases 
of children with autism. One of the fundamental methods we used was a detailed study of metabolic 
and biochemical aspects of the disease. Then, my colleagues and I started detecting fluctuations 
in the analyses of organic acids, amino acids, acylcarnitines, etc.
We found out that diagnoses of autism,
anxiety, and depression are associated not only with behavioral changes but also 
with several biochemical problems
We created this space, this website, by a small (but friendly) team entirely at our own expense, inspired by hope to help you find the metabolic and biochemical keys to the condition of your patients and children.

Next year we are going to include important information about the neurological, immunological, and genetic determinants of autism and other neuropsychiatric disorders. In the future, we plan to connect artificial intelligence capabilities. We have huge ambitions, a firm strategy, and audacious plans to change the entire structure of autism diagnostics worldwide
And we saw how the condition of children can change, when we gradually work with a necessary 
"biochemical block." In fact, over the years of our practice, we have discovered that many inborn errors 
of metabolism mimic "autism" or " speech-language delays."
And we believe in our success. We believe that we can influence the quality of life of every child diagnosed with autism. I thank you for believing in us and our ideas. Thank you for supporting the development of our project with your registration and allowing the world of people diagnosed with autism to change
This is just the beginning — and I thank everyone who started this journey with us
A correct diagnosis 
equals correct therapy
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